Multiple Sclerosis Research Paper Outline And College Essays

A brain MRI detected a new frontal right cortical high-signal-intensity lesion on T2-weighted MR images (T1-weighted Gadolinium-enhanced lesion). solumedrol protocol, with an improvement of hypoesthesia after 1-month.

As the motor impairment persisted, the patient was submitted to a rehabilitative treatment with robotic device .

The following parameters were taken into account: touch duration (TD), that is, the contact duration between thumb and finger during the sequence, measured in ms; inter-tapping interval (ITI), that is, the time occurring between the end of a thumb-finger contact and the beginning of following one (in ms); the % correct sequences (%SEQCORR) and mean rate (MR), that account for touches frequency, in Hz (see Fig.

1) before (T0) and after (T1) the rehabilitative upper limb training.

The system is able to calibrate the working space according to patient's active mobility, and provides information about specific movement parameters.

In addition, it permits an adjustment of level of difficulty for each patient during the entire training.

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In addition she performed a bimanual task paced her movements with the tone of a metronome fixed at 2 Hz.

Being connected with many association networks, the cerebellum has been now recognized to be not only involved in motor planning and learning, but also in different cognitive domains, including attention, memory, and learning, executive control, language, and visuospatial function.

demonstrating a posttreatment improvement in the execution of functional tasks of proximal and distal movements.

AP (Hocoma AG, Volketswil, Switzerland) is a rehabilitative exoskeleton used as early treatment of motor abilities.

It provides an intelligent arm support in a large 3D workspace.

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