Mughal History Research Papers

The Rise and Historic Reputation It all began with the first battle of Panipat in 1526 where the Lodi Sultanate had the misfortune of falling to the founder of the Mughal dynasty, Babur.Born in Ferghana (present-day Uzbekistan), the emperor was not native to India.

Yet, their legacy isn’t as grand or extravagant as I would have thought.

Indeed, Babur ruled in Samarkand (present-day Uzbekistan) and Kabul before successfully invading Hindustan and so beginning the period of Mughal rule over India.

‘The chief excellency of Hindustan is that it is a large country and has abundance of gold and silver. as far indeed as the great ocean the peoples are without break.’ -Baburnama He describes with fascination and detail in his memoir the country he was beginning to conquer.

I was elated when my mom informed me that we were related to the Mughals, specifically to the Wazir of the third emperor, Akbar the Great.

It all started in 5th grade when I insisted to know more about my ancestors because being a fully Bangladeshi girl wasn’t interesting enough, right?

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  1. Before any Ted Dekker apologists go ranting on me that the book came out after the movie (and I know how many millions of you out there read this blog), I researched that as well, and Thr3e, the novel, came out in 2003, and adaptation came out in 2002.