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Additional resources can be obtained by contacting the Field Office at (518) 442-5321 or at [email protected] ability to write clearly and concisely is crucial to successful social work practice.Career development workshops are offered each year to help students learn about the professional specialties that exist for social work practice.Additionally, there is an annual Field and Career Fair that connects students to agencies around the region for field placements or employment opportunities.Students work 500 hours, two days per week for two semesters each year.The first year Generalist field placement usually occurs on Mondays and Tuesdays and coursework is taken Wednesdays through Fridays.The seminar is taken concurrently with RSSW 650 and 651. Field Instruction II, III and IV are each four-credit courses.Academic credit is given at the time of successful completion of the Field Seminar and both RSSW 650 and 651 for Generalist field and the completion of RSSW 752 and 753 for Advanced Concentration field.

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As part of that process, we require all incoming students (except Advanced Standing students) to take a writing assessment.

Students are assigned to a field liaison each year.

Field liaisons provide a variety of supportive services designed to create cohesive working relationships between students and their field instructors.

Students have the opportunity to apply what is learned in the classroom by working with clients, social work leaders and social systems.

Generally, MSW students complete two full years of field over four semesters, with the field practicum taken concurrently with coursework.

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