Ms Project Resource Group

If the resource gets allocated to task or tasks that would require more than his/its work hours, the resource is over allocated and MS Project will indicate this in red formatting. So 50% would mean the individual works for half of the normal full capacity, so if a normal work week is 40 hours, this equals 20 hour capacity.

Project will keep track of what is required of each resource based on what tasks are assigned to the resource.

You will be alerted when a resources is over assigned tasks within a project. Click on the MAX units’ field for a resource and enter the percentage that the resource is assigned to the project. Different pay rate bases can be used, such as hourly(default), weekly, daily etc) 4.

For example, if Tim is only assigned to this project, then he will be set to 100%. Type in the hourly rate for the resource and click Enter. To enter the overtime pay rate for each individual, in the Overtime Rate field for a resource, enter the rate paid for overtime and click Enter.

Project calculates the cost of a task by using this formula − You can then see the cost per resource and cost per task (as well as costs rolled up to summary tasks and the entire plan).

MS Project will not automatically apply overtime calculations.

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