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As a rule, naming the personal motives for studying abroad or a semester abroad is an easy task for students.Drafting a letter of motivation for studying abroad, on the other hand, proves to be far more difficult.It is at the discretion of the university whether and to what extent it requests a letter of motivation.Students who have to justify their study plan in writing often have to deal with the same question: How must the motivation letter be structured in terms of content and form and which points must be covered?In a letter of motivation for a semester or study abroad, it is important to express one’s own interest in a study place at a particular university. As a result, the letter – in contrast to a letter of recommendation for studying abroad – is also written by the student himself/herself.Admittedly, there is no patent recipe for a letter of motivation for studying abroad.Of course, it is OK to talk about the motivation letter with parents, friends or other people beforehand and to receive feedback afterwards.

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For this reason, sample templates can only serve as a basic framework.

A statement of purpose is normally an integral part of the application for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree abroad.

However, a letter of motivation for studying abroad is also necessary in other cases, such as for participation in the ERASMUS programme.

This is due to the fact that many universities abroad have a simplified application procedure for semesters.

Nevertheless, there are also universities and colleges that insist on a motivation letter for a semester abroad.

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