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With effect from Assignment 1 of Semester 2 modules and Assignment 3 of Year modules, the Grace period is only 3 days after the expiry of the original assignment due date.As a student of Chicago State University, I agree to comply with an academic honor system that supports serving and leading with strong personal integrity.Now, this new (and very useful feature) in Moodle gives teachers the option of writing comprehensive feedback on assignments that can be collapsed so it won’t block over the original text.This then makes reading feedback easier for students. When teachers are grading assignments and are adding comments as feedback for the student, comments are automatically collapsed as they move to a different area.You can access Online Support wherever you are in Moodle by using the link with the same title in the menu top left of the page.

The naming of a tool or resource to be added should have been set up when configuring zy Books as an external tool provider. From the "Preconfigured tool" dropdown menu, select the zy Books tool configured by you or your LMS administrator. At this point, the link will be created and and the browser window should navigate you to your zy Book for selecting a book and link type.

NOTE: Linking assignments to an LMS is for zy Book class use.

(1) Assignments are not even necessary; instructors can simply announce due dates and then run reports to generate a CSV report that can be uploaded to an LMS gradebook.

I understand that it is my responsibility to comply with this honor system.

My submission or completion of an assignment or exam constitutes verification that I have completed it without the unauthorized assistance of others. The Center for Teaching and Research Excellence (CTRE) is accepting grant applications for the fall term.

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