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These actions make us feel pity for him because we know he is innocent and all he wants is a friend. [Accessed 7 September 2019]; Available from: https://

The fifth way Shelley tries to make us feel sorry for the monster is through peoples’ reaction to him.

This creates sympathy for the monster by making him abhorrent to typical humans.

Usually when someone is different in the society, they are pitied, oppressed or threatened by the majority.

Victor ‘sprang on him’ and he ‘flung his hands from his eyes with violence’.

The sixth way Shelley tries to create sympathy for the monster is though his actions when he comes to life.

In the book, Victor Frankenstein uses similar methods to create the monster.

She was also influenced by the works of Samuel Taylor and Aaron Burr.

The monster ‘muttered some inarticulate sounds’ to Frankenstein, he then smiled at Frankenstein, ‘a grin wrinkled his cheeks’.

When the monster tries to touch Victor, he reacted badly.

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