Monadology And Other Philosophical Essays Four In A Qualitative Dissertation

► On the second, he asserts that no fact can not be existing without there be a sufficient reason.

The principle of sufficient reason, in the eyes of Leibniz, supreme principle, very large and very noble.

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(1714) The work of Leibniz is huge and rich with insights of genius.

These are the principles of contradiction and sufficient reason.

► The first reads as follows: two contradictory propositions, one is true the other false.

Leibniz, the great conciliator, describes a world steeped in consistency when evil loses positivity.

Although Leibniz never wrote a systematic ethical treatise, in his view theology is a type of jurisprudence, a science of law (NE, p. And Leibniz contributed a systematic work to the field of theology, namely, the (1710), the only large-scale philosophical work that he published during his lifetime.

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