Modern Technology Is Changing Our World Essay Say No To Ers Essay

They want to be contributors to peace, economic reforms, the improvement of public services and many other aspects of the society.

For them, the best way to contribute to these changes is through modern technology. This does not necessarily mean that youth wants to make a huge change on the view of the world where they grew up, or that they just want to split away from the norms of society.

The critical role that technology plays in the development of society, stimulating not only the economy but society’s socio-cultural values, rather than being merely a tool of society, however, is referred to as ‘technological determinism’ (Underwood, 2009).

It is this aspect of how technology drives modern society that this essay addresses.

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The current revolution in technology, known variously as the ‘Information Age’ or ‘Age of Technology’, similarly is unrelenting: the older person who is reluctant to use a computer has a life shaped by others’ use of computers and may even accept a basic mobile telephone, once considered a glamourous accessory (Coeckelbergh, 2012).

Zhong (2007) observes that, in today’s stock markets, financial infrastructure, global news organisations, powerful militaries, strong governments and big corporations, instantaneous communication is an asset society cannot afford to lose.

The internet allows interconnection and promotes globalisation and information sharing.

Social progress has come to be equated with technical progress, particularly since the Industrial Revolution (Beniger, 1989).

This progress has not always been acknowledged at the time it was occurring; indeed, as Beniger further notes, ‘human society seems rather to evolve largely through changes so gradual as to be all but imperceptible, at least compared to the generational cycles of the individuals through whose lives they unfold’ (1989, p. Perhaps because of this ‘historical myopia’, the value of the change may not be evaluated until the changes has already passed (Beniger, 1989, p. Critics such as Henry David Thoreau, for instance, suggested that improvements in society’s technical means are no guarantee of improved ends, and that they may instead lead to a mechanistic and fatalistic outlook, positing that ‘we do not ride upon the railroad; it rides upon us’ (1845, p. Thus, technology itself becomes an overriding preoccupation, for it never stops still.

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