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A diagram can help students capture the numerical information in a problem, and as importantly, the relationship between the numbers, e.g.Do we know both the parts, or just one of the parts and the whole?Like Bruner, Dienes saw diagrams as an important bridge to abstracting and formalizing mathematical ideas.Along with Bruner and Dienes, Skemp (1993) identified the critical middle step in moving from a real-life situation to the abstractness of an equation.Interestingly, it also informed the development of curriculum in Singapore, as they developed the "Thinking Schools, Thinking Nation" era of reforming their educational model and instructional strategies (Singapore Ministry of Education, 1997).The bar model is a critical part of "Singapore Math." It is used and extended across multiple grades to capture the relationships within mathematical problems.

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It is the teacher's role to help students sort through the noise to capture what matters most for solving the problem.

A model can help students organize their thinking about a given problem, and identify an equation that would be helpful in solving the problem.

Models are a kind of graphic organizer for the numbers in a word problem, and may connect to students' work with graphic organizers in other subjects.

Forsten, 2010, p.1Students often have regarded each word problem as a new experience, and fail to connect a given problem to past problems of a similar type.

Students need to sort out the important information in a word problem, and identify the relationships among the numbers involved in the situation.

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