Mobile Cloud Computing Research Thesis

Cloud computing allows devices to avoid these constraints by letting the more resource intensive tasks be performed on systems without these constraints and having the results sent to the device.

Thus, cloud computing for mobile devices is a very appealing and potentially lucrative trend.

A Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) system is a cloud-based system that is accessed by the users through their own mobile devices.

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In particular, my design tool for MCC systems becomes a vehicle to optimize not only the performance but also the energy dissipation, an aspect of critical importance for any computing system.In this model, mobile devices serve as the cloud that can be drawn upon.This paper will outline some work done in this area.Cloud computing is the trend in which resources are provided to a local client on an on-demand basis, usually by means of the internet.Mobile cloud computing (MCC) is simply cloud computing in which at least some of the devices involved are mobile.Keywords: "Cloud computing, Mobile cloud computing, smartphones, mobile applications Cloud computing is defined as the trend in which resources are provided to a local client on an on-demand basis, usually by means of the internet.One of the main benefits of cloud computing is reducing downtime and wasted expenditure for servers and other computer equipment.This family of solutions can be referred to as general-purpose mobile cloud computing (GPMCC).Second, many individual applications used today with mobile devices such as smartphones employ cloud computing to a greater or lesser extent.Many mobile devices have significant constraints imposed upon them because of the importance and desirability of smaller sizes, lower weights, longer battery life and other features.This often severely constrains hardware and software development for these devices.

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