Mlk Cheated His Dissertation

Authorship issues concerning Martin Luther King Jr.

fall into two general categories: King's academic research papers (including his doctoral dissertation) and his use of borrowed phrases in speeches.

The service was attended by King and SCLCs strategist James Bevel.

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In September 1962, SNCC activist Prathia Hall had spoken at a service commemorating Mount Olive Baptist Church in Terrell County, Georgia, which had been burned to the ground by the Ku Klux Klan.

argues that "voice merging", using the words of scripture, sacred text, and prior preachers follows in a long tradition of preaching, particularly in the African-American church, and should not be termed plagiarism.

On the contrary, he views King's skillful combination of language from different sources as a major oratorical skill.

Thus he may have simply become convinced, on the basis of his grades at Crozer and Boston, that his papers were sufficiently competent to withstand critical scrutiny.

Moreover, King's actions during his early adulthood indicate that he increasingly saw himself as a preacher appropriating theological scholarship rather than as an academic producing such scholarship.

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