Mission Statement Example For Business Plan

They’re usually stuck to the walls on post-it notes or written on a white board.From there the list is drilled down until you find the words that fit your organization and then one or two people frame them in a statement.The mission statement is a sentence or, at longest, a paragraph that concisely outlines the character of your company and its goals.Start by defining what your company does, who it serves, why it operates the way it does, how it competes in its industry and what goals it is expected to meet.Another important reason to write a clear and concise executive summary is for potential investors or lenders.

Your mission statement describes what you want your customers to see in your company.Why include an Executive Summary and Mission Statement?Upper managers only want to see condensed information.The mission statement gives direction to your planning efforts and the executive summary is a marketing document to be used in attracting investors.Your business plan is a serious, factual description of your business model, marketing model, revenue model, operations model, build-out and financial projections.That’s why the executive summary is included in the first part of a business plan.It gives a top level summary of all the information included in the rest of it.They often have many documents to review and will be impressed if you can effectively summarize the key points of your enterprise.Since the executive summary talks about everything in your business plan, you actually write it last, even though it shows up in the first part of your plan.They don’t have time to go over every single detail about every department.They want to know what’s going on in the company, but only want to read the highlights.

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