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They should be viewed as general estimates to understand the investment required in constructing a new franchise location.

Putt-Putt LLC will assist franchisees in obtaining actual costs and developing a more accurate budget based on their geographic location, construction costs, attractions, building size and other factors that are unique to each location.

You or your group should meet or exceed the following financial requirements in order to build and operate a successful Putt-Putt Fun Center.

The financial requirements vary depending on what type of Putt-Putt Fun Center you plan to operate.

As you probably know, kids and adults have been playing Putt-Putt miniature golf for over 60 years and the Putt-Putt brand has some of the highest name recognition of any family entertainment business in the world.

If you think you want to open a franchise, we strongly encourage you to read all of the information that we have provided to help you understand the commitment and requirements that are necessary to be successful.

However, make sure you do not let the fact that you own a piece of land be the deciding factor on where you locate your Putt-Putt Fun Center.

For example, if your property has no visibility or is located away from homes, schools and shopping, it may not be a good location.

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We can’t wait for you to grow with us and become part of our team in the era of Putt-Putt Fun Centers.We will be glad to participate with you in discussing your needs with them and will assist you during this critical process at no cost.A consultant from Putt-Putt, LLC will assist you by suggesting possible contractors, reviewing bids, and providing general expertise and the benefit of our experience.My name is Stan, and although I am European, I got my education at Eckerd College, Florida, USA.I lived and worked in the Tampa Bay Area for more than 8 years. But since I did not own the land, I wanted to build it with as little investment as possible to maximize profits from it and have a return of my investment within the first season, which was less than a six months.Using these services will be both cost effective for you and ensure that you get the full benefit of his experience building our franchises.The owner-manager and key staff needs to spend at least two weeks working at an existing Putt-Putt location that has attractions similar to the ones you will have at your facility.The following financial guidelines are for the three basic levels: The royalties are 5% on gross sales payable to Putt-Putt, LLC and 1% on gross sales payable to the Putt-Putt Marketing Fund.This fund is used for the development of marketing programs and support for franchisees and is managed by an Advisory Board of franchisees.These costs do not include the purchase or lease cost for land.Putt-Putt is looking for individuals and groups with the basic financial and management requirements, as well as a strong desire to build and sustain a business in the family entertainment industry.

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