Military History Essay

These sites are located in Texas, Mexico, California, Colorado and New Mexico.

A Guide to the Mexican War A guide to Library of Congress materials on the Mexican-American War.

This year, having recently celebrated the 70th anniversary of the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO, 1949-2019), the Adams Center is especially interested in essays concerning Cold War alliances.

There are reports about causes of the war, regular U. army and navy units, volunteer units, books, magazine articles, and films about the war, and a guide for genealogy research. There are listings for most states and the District of Columbia.There also are links to history web sites that pertain to the war.Guide to Military Records of the Revolutionary War The site provides one of the most comprehensive research guides on the Internet for locating military records, including muster rolls, payrolls, and orderly books.The Virtual Vietnam Archive Vietnam veterans, in association with Texas Tech University’s Vietnam Project, have compiled a database comprising more than 600,000 documents on the Vietnam War searchable by keywords.Overviews of the Korean War provides descriptions of the Korean War including biographies, battles, weapons, historical documents, maps, uniforms, and more.The digital library includes images, maps, statistics, a list of historical and images of artifacts, prominent people, and memorials.There is a list of historical sites associated with the war.World War II General Resources This site sponsored by Best of History Web Sites provides a topical guide to many Internet sites focusing on World War II studies.Strategic Bombing Survey The Index to Records of the United States Strategic Bombing Survey, issued in 1947.This guide includes a brief history of the organization, a bibliographic essay listing primary sources, and guides to published sources in the Library of Congress.These sources include reports about national meetings, state meetings, local GAR organizations, and auxiliary organizations.

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