Midnight Summer Dream Essay

Another play which can be considered as a second play-within-a-play is written by the Oberon, the King of all fairies.He creates a play in which the mortals are the performers.The issue of whom is worthy to putting on a play is also one of the concerns in the play Another aspect of this issue comprising who is responsible for bringing a play to the audiences or what thoughts and actions are proper in order to bring a play to stage should be also concerned.The conversations among the craftsmen-actors in which they argue whether they can bring an actual wall to stage and conclude that it is impossible to carry out demonstrate this point.In spite of their preoccupation, the leader of the troupe Quince fails to help the actors correct their pronunciation and master important techniques for dramatic performance.During the rehearsal time, instead, he only tries to match the actors in hope that they will play out.

Although Shakespeare borrows the themes, characters and stories from the history of the ancient Greece and Greek mythology, the play-within-a-play structure shows his creations and his own work.On one hand, the play-within-a-play is offered as a comic interlude to display Shakespeare’s creativity.One the other hand, the sub play helps the audiences understand some of the overall themes in the main play.Above that, Davidson points out a very important issue that Shakespeare makes a comparison between the inadequate of the acting amateurs and the highly professional work conducted by his own company through the parody with the acting of the craftsmen in the subplot (88).According to the author, however, Shakespeare seems to have a negative view on the play and the players in many provincial cities and towns, which probably can cause severe misrepresentation about the quality of the amateur actors or companies (96).It is explained while the lovers and Theseus and Hippolyta are mocking the ridiculous performance of the laborers, the audiences watching the lovers watch the craftsmen’s play are concurrently aware of the lovers’ own absurdity.Moreover, the play-within-a-play of the craftsmen suggests the strict requirements and the limit of the theatre.He indicates that the play-within-a-play raises questions of imagination and stage reality (Davidson 87).Also, the author argues that Shakespeare uses this structure to parody the older dramatic styles of the public theaters fashionable when they tended to use the bombastic language and clumsily use the mythological subjects in their performance (Davidson 88).Similar to the first play-within-a-play, the second serves an important role to signify the larger play.In , Clifford Davidson discusses the play-within-a-play structure and its purpose.

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