Michigan Mfa Creative Writing Style Guide For Research Papers And Dissertations

The MFA, as a concept, is a neutral entity — it does not automatically qualify you for anything, it does not fundamentally make you better or worse at what you do.The MFA system is a collection of greenhouses, and what occurs within them is for each program and writer to decide.Contact the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid for information at 989-774-3674 or [email protected] classes are offered in the late afternoon and evening to accommodate working adults and financial support in the forms of graduate assistantships and fellowships are available to highly qualified applicants.Writing is a vital and fundamentally democratic art that nonetheless requires programmatic interference to not favor the privileged; writing is a skill that is useful in so many other arenas other than the teaching of short story craft.

Note: Students considering an accelerated MA program should be aware that their financial aid may be affected for courses double-counting on the BA/BS and MA.I avoid these people, as I do the small overlapping sector who complains about the fact that an MFA doesn’t automatically get you a respectable university position teaching the art of fiction to sophomore hockey players looking to express themselves. I like short stories quite a bit — I’m in a fucking MFA program — but the craft of creating pleasing literary nuggets is not quite on par with tax preparation or thank-you note etiquette in terms of skills that translate to real life, and the unsung entitlements of MFA graduates are uninteresting at best and criminally myopic more often.Why all these answers of technological determinism to a question that no one is asking?The ones that pay you are rare and beautiful, like unicorns.About the latter case, the ones that pay you — why not take the money?The people in my program average out around age 30, and they’ve lived, certainly — lived as people who have struggled to feed themselves, lived as parents, social workers, scientists, Marines, Enron employees, farmers, teachers and prison guards.At 24, I am in the abstract an exact example of what Reiner is worried about.Here, briefly, is where I stand on writing programs.The ones that make you pay are dead to me and I do not understand how they continue to exist and multiply.Why does this writer conflate financial stability with personal stasis?Why does he assume that MFA students are all young sentimentalists swaddled in blankets, cradling large teacups and measuring their brain out in listicles about what it’s like to be a twentysomething in grad school?

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