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She went on after that, sat around with the usual suspects, and in the book describes “talking about attacks against me, yes, but also laughing about the girls, and the fist bumps, and the nuisance of panty hose.” I’m sorry, but it hurts to read that. That’s really important for the American people to hear. It’s true that, at the end, she says, “I have no intention of running for office.

Then she says “women were suddenly scrambling to buy” the black and white dress she had worn on the show. “I was having an impact.” pussy-grabbing tape, where she said, “I listen to all of this and I feel it so personally. It hurts.” After that speech, She described this very momentous event in one paragraph, as if she’s not so proud of it. Not only was it a great speech, but perfectly delivered. But she and her editors have decided not to put that into print.

Michelle’s paper isn’t worth a hoot as an academic effort.It has 17,000 seats and was sold out for her event. In her story about growing up, it’s important to her that she’s from Chicago’s South Side—a legendary black neighborhood in America, second only to Harlem.In high school she was best friends with Jesse Jackson’s daughter, and around their house a lot as Jesse was preparing to run for president. She says it was kind of exciting to see famous “movement” people there—her quotation marks—but mostly it stood in the way of her and her friend Santita Jackson getting to where they wanted to go.She had to have been thinking and growing politically while she was there.But she doesn’t mention reading Malcolm X, or Frantz Fanon, or any of the grand figures from African-American writing.The shameful comments about our bodies, the disrespect of our ambitions and intellect, the belief that you can do anything you want to a woman: it is cruel. The tremor in her voice was real; she really is concerned about how her girls are growing up in America. Was there anything Obama could have done as president to have made the Democrats stronger in 2016? She says, “I am not a political person so I’m not going to attempt to offer an analysis.” That is just a giant cop-out. I wonder if it’s possible that Michelle Obama actually is not a political person. And finally comes the bad ending of the whole story: Obama is replaced in the White House by Donald Trump. Maybe the things she cares most about really are childhood obesity and healthy eating. However, her senior honors thesis, which I read—a long time ago—is really interesting.At its heart it’s about people like Michelle Obama: about what happens to African-American kids who go to an Ivy League school, who get all this elite training. She says she meant, “I felt a pride in seeing so many Americans making phone calls for the campaign…gaining confidence about their power inside our democracy.” But she never really addresses why the statement she made would be so incendiary to so many.When I was after a bachelor’s degree in astronomy, I did seminars that were far more technically elaborate than Michelle’s thesis is.I wrote, for example, an undergraduate paper in which I calculated the density of Saturn from telescopic observations of the motion of Saturn’s moons: Titan, Enceladus, Tethys, and Dione.

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