Merchant Of Venice Essays On Shylock Essay On How I Spent My Summer Vacation For Class 8

He was abused verbally and physically, he also was prevented by Antonio from making business, he was a victim of an unjust trial and had no retaliation towards Antonio despite all the abuse and harm he has done.Shylock never had the intention of harming Antonio therefore why shouldn’t he take revenge if he did nothing wrong.The first reason is racial in nature—Shylock hates Antonio because he is a Christian.

It is widely believed that this incident may have provided the inspiration for Shylock.(Act 3 Scene 1 lines 50-60) He then gives them proof that Jews and Christians are the same (“Doesn’t a Jew have eyes? Again, Shylock has the right to take revenge on Antonio because he was patient and had no aggression towards him on any of the cases.Antonio did a lot of humiliating things towards him as stated before, but he had no retaliation and all that did was make his fury and anger grow towards Antonio.He also complains that aren’t Jews and Christians the same, if a Jew were to do wrong to a Christian wouldn’t a Christian want revenge?Despite all of this he uses his patience and lends 3000 Ducats to Antonio interest free in an attempt to lure him into his death hole, which seemingly succeeds.Shylock is one of the most confusing characters in all of Shakespeare's plays.On the surface, he is a villain only concerned about money and revenge.Another reason would be that Shylock was a victim of an unjust trial, Portia disguised as Balthazar (a young lawyer) calls Shylock a foreigner.Even though he was born, raised and owes all his life to Venice.Shylock came to the court for one reason only, all he asked for was justice (Act 4 Scene 1).Portia turned everything around on him and made the Duke believe that he was the villain.

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