Memorising An Essay

If a list of words is to be memorized, using chunking, the words could be broken up into groups based on their starting letter or based on their category (ex: Months of the year, types of food, etc.).Is it useful to memorize when studying for the IELTS? When it comes to language tests, memorization does help you to improve some of the skills.This includes short term memory, long term memory, working memory, and autobiographical memory.Memory is a fundamental capacity that plays a special role in social, emotional, and cognitive functioning.For example, a person wishing to memorize a long sequence of numbers can break the sequence up into chunks of three, allowing them to remember more of the numbers.Similarly, this is how many in North America memorize telephone numbers, by breaking them up into the three sections: an area code, followed by a three-digit number and then a four-digit number.

Evidence refers to data and facts, which is used to support your ideas in speaking and writing. Just collect some useful evidence and remember what they are about.

These expressions help you to connect ideas and structure your answers in speaking and writing test.

You can also memorize sentence structures and essay structures.

If you are to select someone, make sure they understand the curriculum well and most importantly they have previously performed well in the HSC.

Otherwise you’ll just end up with a person who talks the talk but cant walk the walk.

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