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Purgation is the act of purifying or cleansing oneself of negative emotions.In doing so, one is able to achieve catharsis and thus, allows individuals and society to renew and sustain themselves.This is juxtaposed against the scene where the documentary reveals that Orcas in true fact, lives over 100 years.As a result, this creates an absolute devastation for not only the trainers themselves, but also the audience, to feel a strong desire to purge out guilt and shame.Miller provides responders with two opposing perspectives: The dissenting individual who seeks to undermine the church-run theocracy, juxtaposing against the necessity of the church to use any methods to keep the ‘devil’ away.Miller’s characterisation of Proctor, as an individual, is depicted as This exhibits to readers that although John Proctor is well regarded in society, he is divorced from the institutional power of the Church and the community due to his past failing act of adultery.Keating initially validates the thought of many Australians who does not support the cause of Indigenous Rights movement.He outlines this particular perspective through his diplomatic tone and expression, The use of analogy allows Keating to create a sense of entitlement, particularly targeting towards the apathetic Australians who believes that Australian Aboriginal history is meaningless and worthless.

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This is particularly shown through Cowpathwaithe’s deliberate use of infantilisation of Orcas through the popular childish colour of pink and blue merchandise as well as advertisements, both focusing on the ‘magical’ experience that consumers will receive.

A purging of such individual is essential in order for Salem to survive.

This is because around the ‘light’ and ‘civilisation’ of Salem, the to suggest that Salem is a place of evil and danger as well as physical isolation.

Also, most poignantly, Cowpathwaithe presents to the audience a visual depiction of Orcas with sickly floppy fin in Seaworld, juxtaposed against that of an epic, inspiration pan of a dozen erect dorsal fins traversing across a red horizon in order to highlight the absolute necessity of purging of false facts that is presented by Seaworld.

Henceforth, Paul Keating’s and thus, trainers genuinely believes that their relationship with their respective Orcas is of friendship and partnership.

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