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Also, by stressing that the archaeological evidence surviving from this period is very patchy, consisting mainly of small portable and non-perishable objects recovered from burial sites, students will be less likely to judge this period as “dark ages” devoid of artistic and cultural production and innovation. Henry Luttikhuitzen and Dorothy Verkerk’s (Pearson, 2005) provides a comprehensive survey, although it is less focused on the contextual and cultural analysis of the artifacts.

In addition, later buildings replaced most architecture, such as churches and palaces, and many other artifacts produced from wood, leather, and other natural materials did not survive in the northern climate. To learn about manuscripts, I strongly recommend Raymond Clemens and Timothy Graham’s The golden buckle is a cultural object representative of the Anglo-Saxons, a society that controlled the terrains of what was previously Roman Britain.

In this period, manuscripts were the major means of knowledge transmission and were used for liturgy and for missionary activities.

Manuscripts were extremely costly: an average book containing four Gospels required anywhere from three-hundred to five-hundred animals to produce the pages.

Many of your students may have a very foggy idea about the historical and cultural developments in the West prior to year 1000.

Oftentimes, influenced by popular culture, they simply think of this period as mysterious “dark ages.” You may take a quick poll to check how many of them agree with this label and then discuss what ideas they associate with it.

Their style and form is a fusion of Celtic and Christian traditions.

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This will help students to understand that early Medieval art was not purely aesthetic, but also a symbol that could proclaim one’s status, education, identity, and culture. "class="colorbox" href=" University Press, 1999) is a survey of extant architecture from the Carolingian to Romanesque period, although he mostly focuses on British and north-western European examples.Use this as an opportunity to correct this unjust, but widely held view.The period after the dissolution of Roman Empire and up to the year 1000 was an incredibly formative period of western medieval art culture, a time of great innovations and production of unique artifacts.616–28), as the belt buckle was found together with royal regalia.Although a buckle is a utilitarian object, this buckle is extremely luxurious and is entirely made of gold (hollow inside).Other settlers from Central Asia chose to establish their own communities in Europe to challenge the previous structures.This constant movement and migration happened primarily during the fourth and fifth centuries.Irish monasteries became centers of learning, knowledge production, and art for next two centuries.The most important products of these monasteries were manuscripts (manually written books).The material itself is of utmost importance since, in the medieval period, material was one of the major means of communicating power, status, and holiness.Gold was extremely precious and this large shiny buckle would certainly catch the attention of every onlooker.

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