Medea Essay Topics

Again, the contrast with Dido and Calypso is instructive.Calypso can be seen as an immortal who feels the loss of Odysseus profoundly (for she had offered him much to stay), but whose ego and world are left intact after his departure.Before the action of the play commences the Nurse expresses her foreboding concerning Jason, and the children of Jason and Medea, “for her mood is dangerous nor will she brook her cruel treatment; full well I know her, and I do dread that she will plunge the keen sword through their hearts.” In the event Medea proves to be lethal.Part of the answer lies in the nature of her love for Jason.

Medea, the character, is an ego-driven obsessive-compulsive, one not in control of her emotions.

Medea’s love for Jason swamps her cognitive, reasonable faculties and the result is chaos.

Medea, as a literary figure, is in a class by herself and it is no wonder that, in the words of Harsh, “In later writers Medea’s wrath and jealousy become proverbial.” In her egoism she resembles the Furies, the pitiless avenging spirits of Greek mythology.

In Euripides’ depiction of the character Medea in the play named after her he offers his audience an instance of the psychopathology of love.

Medea is about a particular kind of emotional excess—an obsessive need for the object of one’s love—and about the terrible consequences that can arise out of that excess.

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