Meals On Wheels Research Paper

The Bureau of Chronic Diseases and Geriatrics of the New York Department of Health underwrote the costs.Also in the late 1950s, a group of concerned women in San Diego, California recognised that isolated seniors were in need of regular meals and human contact.A private, not-for-profit corporation, Meals-on-Wheels San Diego strives to keep seniors independent in their own homes by delivering meals to those who are unable to adequately meet their own nutritional needs.Often, the availability of this service enables seniors to avoid seeking institutional alternatives.Organised on a regional basis, in Australia Meals on Wheels is a well established, active and thriving group of organisations.The history of a small sample of some of the organisations includes: New South Wales, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) The first home-delivered meal program in the United States began in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in January 1954.

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The name is often used generically to refer to home-delivered meals programs, not all of which are actually named "Meals on Wheels".

Most of the volunteers were high school students, who were dubbed "Platter Angels." The "Platter Angels" would prepare, package, and deliver food to the elderly and disabled through their community.

The daily delivery consisted of one nutritionally balanced hot meal to eat at lunch time, and a dinner consisting of a cold sandwich and milk along with varying side dishes. Building on the model set forth in Philadelphia, a federation of women's clubs went through the town to inform themselves of possible participants for a meal service.

This type of service requires many volunteers with an adequate knowledge of basic cooking to prepare the meals by a set time each day.

The majority of local authorities in the United Kingdom have now moved away from freshly cooked food delivery, and towards the supply of frozen pre-cooked reheatable meals.

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