Mckinsey Problem Solving

6) The driver - Perhaps Volvo's are not actually safer cars, but perhaps Volvo DRIVERS are safer.This might be hard to test with data, but to start it would be useful to get the accident history of drivers who own Volvos when they drive NON-Volvo cars.

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In particular, these skills involve data interpretation and critical numerical reasoning.

Below is an actual data sufficiency type question that a Mc Kinsey Partner in the Los Angeles office asked me when I interviewed there for my final round.

Volvo recently ran an advertisement that said: Volvo - The Safest Car in the United States* a Assess the validity of this statement, you have 3 - 5 minutes to do so.

This is certainly something that is tested during a live, in-person, face-to-face case interview.

It is also a skill that is often tested in a variety of formats including written tests before the first in-person case interview question is asked.

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