Mcat Essay Score Range

Although your total score was a respectable 505, med schools will still look at the imbalance in your scores and be concerned in particular about the one area that was so much weaker. If your GPA is at the high end for the schools you are applying to, the admissions committees may cut you a little slack on your MCAT score.

Mcat Essay Score Range-1Mcat Essay Score Range-69

In understanding the conversion between old and new MCAT scores (and vice versa), let’s first cover a few basics: MCAT Percentile: The percentage of students whose scores were lower than yours on a specific test. Learn how to maximize your score with Med School Insiders.

Students admitted to MD programs in the US in 2017 had average total MCAT scores between 508 and 509.

According to AACOM (American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine), those admitted to DO programs in 2016 (the most recent data available) had average total MCAT scores of 502.17.

The MCAT score is the only piece of the med school application that is standardized. Applicants to medical schools attended different schools, took courses of different levels and from different professors who used different grading standards.

Therefore, even your GPA, which is generally looked at as an “objective” piece of the application, is actually subjective.

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