Math Problem Solving Checklist

They are NOT to give up because they are developing their math learning process skills.Encourage them to keep track of, show completely, and save their work.Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level.epending on the grade level of your student or child, a math word problem may involve simple addition to complex rate problems, and everything in between.Build teamwork by creating common or different strategy groups.Those particular groups could reflect and share what they learned regarding the problem-solving.Working in pairs at this stage builds student confidence to compare their attempts to solve the problems and ask questions.This stage also encourages the students to try other strategies that help them individually understand what approach helps them best.

It can list actions, descriptions, skills, concepts, processes, and/or attitudes that a teacher checks off as he or she observes them.

A visual aid, showing patterns, may help the students use logical reasoning to assist in eliminating possibilities.

Organized lists could be used to help them stay focused. They will have to guess and check their estimates and at times work backward to understand the process.

A checklist should be reviewed to make sure they have covered everything from the original math problem(s).

Here are some other strategies the students could use to solve math problems.

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