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Ok, so having this app at home or at school, you can turn your math assignments into taking pictures of examples and instantly getting answers. However, with each update, “camera calculator” (so it is called by the developers) will be able to perform more actions, say the developers, offering hope to students who is yet to face trigonometry, functions and calculus.In other words, up to now, if you have a calculus assignment, you’re going to do it by yourself, but Photo Math is going to help you in near future.The application can scan tasks from both paper and the screen, though in the second case it may take a bit longer.Handwriting, unfortunately, cannot be recognized by the app.The same happens when you give it a complicated equation from a math exam – the app can solve it in no time.The homework app, originally designed for i OS, has increased tremendously in popularity.Sad but true, word problems cursed by so many students are also not to be recognized and solved by camera calculator.

If the app can’t understand your handwritten question, you still have the option of typing it directly into the app manually.

Now imagine you own a calculator which is able to do every math task instead of you, sounds good, eh?

Half a year ago Micro Blink presented an application Photo Math on i Phones, which can recognize mathematical tasks and solve them instantly also providing step-by-step solution, and now it is available on Android Damir Sabol, a technician (and Micro Blink CEO also) from Croatia and a caring father got simply tired of watching how desperate his son is about adding and subtracting.

Needless to say, that speaking of word problems, getting an equation is often the most complicated part of the task.

So, even if you’re in elementary school, Photo Math is not going to spare you of all math homework troubles. Besides, experts at are able to do your math homework (and also physics, chemistry, biology, etc.) of any level of complexity.

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