Masters Research Proposal

Title: Choose a title for your project that reflects your research question in one succinct phrase. You may find it useful to review some thesis titles in your research area in the UWA Research Repository.

Your title can be revised over the course of your candidature.

There is a range of support you can access to help you submit a high quality research proposal.

Your proposal should follow the GRS Research Proposal Guidelines and should be 15 pages or less in length.

As an MSc student, you will be expected to submit a research proposal, based on experimental or theoretical study.

The work may be part of a larger project, or an independent one.

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Often it is easiest to write the summary after you have completed the research proposal as you can more easily identify your key points at this stage.

Grammatical mistakes and typographical errors give a very bad impression.

You should make sure you cover the following areas (without explicitly dividing the proposal into headings): You may find it helpful to look at the following examples of successful research proposals.

Include only these key points in your summary - do not include anything new.

You have the freedom to structure this section of your research proposal (aims, background and research project) in whatever way is most appropriate for your project and for your discipline.

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  1. For the record, I’ve been facilitating this course for the last 5 years in a lot of companies – telecomm, banking, oil & gas, FMCG, pharmaceutical, etc.