Masters Dissertation Findings Salvador Dali Essay

For example, everything up to ‘discussion’ might be covered in introductory chapter (rather than as distinct sections).

If you’re unsure about the structure of your dissertation, your supervisor will be able to help you map it out.

Inundating your supervisor with emails or multiple iterations of draft material is best avoided; they will have their own research to manage (as well as other supervision assignments) and will be able to offer better quality feedback if you stick to an agreed schedule.

On most courses your dissertation will be assessed by an external examiner (as well as additional members of faculty within your university who haven’t been responsible for supervising you), but these will read and critique the work you submit without personally questioning and testing you on it.

All Masters programmes include some form of extended individual project.

A thesis is a little more specific: it usually means something that presents an original argument based on the interpretation of data, statistics or content.As you can probably imagine, no two dissertations follow the exact same structure, especially given the differences found between Masters programmes from university to university and country to country.That said, there are several key components that make up the structure of a typical Masters dissertation: It’s worth bearing in mind that these sections won’t always be discretely labelled in every dissertation.After all, one of the purposes of an undergraduate dissertation or final year project is to prepare you for more in-depth research work as a postgraduate.That said, there are some important differences between the two levels.Though this examination process is not as challenging as the oral defence or ‘viva voce’ required for a Ph D thesis, the grading of your Masters dissertation is still a fundamental component of your degree.It will usually be worth around 60 credits – a third of the total 180 credit value for a UK Masters – and will therefore play a key role in determining your final result.This might be someone who has already taught you, or it may be another scholar whose research interests and expertise align well with what you want to do.You may be able to request a particular supervisor, but taught postgraduates are more likely to be assigned them by their department.As a rule of thumb, you can expect your supervisor to read each part of your dissertation once at the draft stage and to offer feedback.Most will not have time to look at lots of subsequent revisions, but may respond favourably to polite requests for exceptions (provided their own workload permits it).

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