Master Thesis Empirical Study

First, the majority of dissertations is organized as a literature survey or, in other words, a .Consider for example the question of IT business value.Potential business applications to study include, but are not limited to: In terms of methodology, we employ a broad variety of techniques to solve planning problems, explain decision maker behavior, and assess the effectiveness of formal decision aids. Surveying the state-of-the-art in such fields and/or evaluating such modelling strategies in business settings is an interesting task for a dissertation.Examples of such planning methods include: Furthermore, there is a large body of literature on novel learning paradigms, which differ substantially from conventional explanatory (e.g. Some examples include: Yes, we support collaborative theses written with an industry partner.

This scope offers a variety of research questions to be examined in a dissertation.However, please note that we normally do not sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements).If you are in contact with an organization where you’d like to write your thesis, you may want to check whether your industry partner accepts this policy.Instead, we recommend that students follow the author guidelines of scholarly outlets such as, e.g., the European Journal of Operational Research.Note that these guidelines might also mention a minimum/maximum length.In general, industry partnerships are more common for master dissertations.However, writing a bachelor thesis with an industry partner is also feasible.In such a case, we could fix a thesis topic before the start of the actual thesis. If you wish to work on a topic of your choice, please prepare an extended abstract and send it to your supervisor for discussion.We assess the potential of your proposition for a Bachelor/Master thesis and might suggest extensions/revisions.In some cases, our list of open topics includes such collaborative theses.Alternatively, you can propose a topic that you’d like to study together with an industry partner.

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  1. Fifth, you will want to contact and network with existing nonprofit agencies that serve one or more socioeconomic purposes (jobs, health, housing, etc.) in and around your community. Some are private sector nonprofits, and others are public agencies from the local to the state and federal level. You need to know that if your vision should duplicate the responsibilities of an existing agency (public or private) you will be seen as a threat to their existence. As they say, you need to “read the political lay of the land.” And believe me when I tell you there is plenty of politics associated with these agencies.