Master Thesis Defending

The student is responsible for providing each member of the committee with a complete draft of the thesis in ample time for review prior to the defense.

At least two weeks before the final examination is held, and no later than November 1 for Fall, April 1 for Spring or July 1 for summer, the major graduate unit must notify Graduate Studies of its scheduled date by submitting the appropriate announcement form.

If the Committee feels that, although the student has demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the field, it is not quite sufficient to justify a grade of “pass”, the committee may assign the grade of “Conditional Pass” and require that the student meet additional conditions before a grade of “Pass” is awarded.

The student must meet the conditions noted on the Conditional Pass by the end of the subsequent term.

If the thesis is not submitted within that time, the student must schedule and complete a second final examination for the thesis.

In all cases the results of the thesis defense must be submitted to Graduate Studies no later than two weeks after the announced date of the thesis defense.

To do that, complete the online form that will add your defense to the defense calendar.

Submitting that form will generate an email to Enrolled Services, and that email will serve as your official written notification.

In the rare cases where an original signature cannot be provided, the committee member may request a proxy signature by submitting the Proxy Request Form at least two weeks prior to the student’s examination.If you can complete your manuscript revisions for committee approval, get a format review and acceptance, and turn in your GS7, all by the first day classes for the coming semester, you will be cleared to graduate at the end of that semester without having to enroll in any credit hours or pay tuition.Check with Enrolled Student Services for the exact deadline for each semester.Once the committee indicates the student has met the conditional pass criteria, they submit a memo to Graduate Studies, and the student has a maximum of 90 days to submit his/her thesis; however, graduating students must meet the term deadline for submission of the thesis.Plan I master’s students must submit their theses to the Dean of Graduate Studies within ninety (90) days of passing their final examinations for the thesis.Schedule your defense as early as you can, but at least several days before the final deadline.Please refer back to the Last Things First: About Deadlines section on the ETD landing page.However, students who plan to graduate in a specific term must resolve a Conditional Pass by the posted deadline for submission of examination results.The committee notes the conditions that need to be met by the student on the examination form.All members of a student’s thesis committee must be present at the thesis defense.Although physical presence is strongly encouraged for all members, synchronous participation by telephone/video conference is allowed when necessary.

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