Master Of Fine Arts In Creative Writing In English Thesis Statement On Sport Injuries

Expert Faculty Our department is filled with world-renowned, award-winning, bilingual faculty who bring their talent to the classroom; among our ranks are Rosa Alcalá, Andrea Cote Botero, José de Piérola, Tim Z. Pimentel, Jeff Sirkin, Lex Williford and Daniel Chacón.

We also have Visiting Writers every semester and provide every opportunity for you to learn from the best.

The series is designed to give students exposure to a variety of voices and processes and career trajectories in order to demystify the writer’s life as well as the publication process.

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Workshops are complemented by craft classes (seminars focused on single aspects or techniques of craft) and carefully selected literature classes.

Hempstead is located just 25 miles from New York City, in close proximity to some of the world’s greatest museums, libraries, theaters, cultural centers, and concert halls.

The location of the University allows students to take advantage of the extraordinary vitality of the literary and publishing world – readings and talks galore in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, as well as those taking place at Hofstra.

Download PDF A master’s degree in Creative Writing is perfect for students who We also offer an optional low-residency opportunity every summer in Europe, such cities as London, Paris, and Madrid.

The UTEP Career Center provides graduates with resources to help them pursue their career goals.

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