Mass Effect 3 Assignments Personal Statement Prompt 2 Help

To answer your most pressing question, yes, you can be a Krogan.You can also be a Drell, a Quarian an Asari, and a plain old human, each race having their own special abilities and powers.If you want to build up a stable of several versatile characters, buy more of the cheaper packs.If youd rather have one or two powerhouse characters, sooner rather than later, then save your credits for Spectre packs.Powers have been divided up to give the different races different abilities.Example: Human Vanguards have Shockwave, while youll want to unlock the Asari Vanguard for her powerful Stasis.Dont get cocky, youre better off burning through Bronze missions than wiping on a Silver. The 15% XP bonus for an Unknown Enemy is tempting, but knowing what youre up against is a huge advantage.

Not all characters of the same Class have the same moves.

Keep checking in on the store, you never know what Bioware might be offering that day.

Just like in single-player, weapon mods provide a real edge in combat.

With a seemingly endless wave of enemies pouring toward you, it can be easy to forget about that terminal youre supposed to hack.

You wont have an objective every round, but when you do, keep it in mind.

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