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And yet while the details of his relatively short life do complicate that mythological portrait, they also paint a picture of a complicated but devoted man whose courage in a conflicted age has inspired such veneration. was named pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in 1931.

It was both in the church and from his father that Dr.

He showed us the importance of courageous, intelligent, and dedicated leadership. He realized that no one could achieve freedom as long as their leaders lacked knowledge and understanding. pursued was to teach the people how to establish themselves for the purpose of achieving their freedom.

Honoring him because of his persistent, respected, and esteemed qualities is the right type of respect he should receive. was successful in teaching his followers many qualities. King also made our nation stronger because of the actions he took.

After marrying in 1953, they moved to Montgomery, Alabama, where Dr. He finished his dissertation from there, and he slowly grew into a community leader in Montgomery.

Because of his position in the community, in 1955 he was asked to lead the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA), formed by several black leaders (including his life-long ally Ralph Abernathy) to protest the arrest of Rosa Parks for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white passenger. King quickly became a fiery and devoted leader of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, a yearlong protest wherein black citizens (the majority of city passengers) refused to ride Montgomery buses.

King had an uneasy alliance with SNCC, which pushed for more militant action than he delivered, but he felt compelled to join them in their efforts when he could.

was a man of impressive morals who devoted his life to the people.Though his work there (including his doctoral dissertation, completed in 1955) was marked in its use of multiple and eclectic sources, it also showed a lax attitude towards plagiarism.It was a charge that would be leveled at King throughout his life, and afterwards. King also began to preach more regularly, finding a way to merge his intellectual understanding of Christianity with the more emotional approach that dominated the black church. King met and married Coretta Scott, a music student originally from Alabama.Using his persuasive speaking skills, he captured people's attention. Achieving freedom requires thinking about the meaning of it and developing strategies to fulfill it in society. Persuading people to study their past, he sought a way to brighten their futures and generations that followed. There are many qualities that categorize a good leader. A real leader isn't self-appointed but is chosen by his or Chris Jeffers' people. King agreed to invite secondary school protestors to join the mission.When Connor used fire hoses and dogs against the students, and the images were broadcast on national television, Dr. Ultimately, Birmingham segregation policies changed not through legal victories, but through the SCLC’s appeals to the business community, who desegregated their stores in order to avoid further conflict.The Birmingham victory was followed shortly by another much-publicized incident - Alabama governor George Wallace's refusal to integrate the University of Alabama. Kennedy to introduce major Civil Rights legislation to Congress. King joined several other Civil Rights leaders in the “March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.” Over 200,000 people gathered on the National Mall, celebrating with and listen to several performers and speakers. King, whose majestic and iconic speech was delivered almost extemporaneously.Less than a month later, four young girls were killed in a bomb attack on a Birmingham church, which intensified pressure on King to find a new battleground. Augustine, Florida, joining pre-existing sit-in protests. Though the SCLC did attain some minor legal victories in St. King left less than a year later, overwhelmed by the continuing violence and convinced that he would not find a dramatic situation there to energize the national consciousness. King was named magazine’s “Man of the Year.” This new level of stardom had its downsides. King was often away from his family, which made it easy for him to indulge in his well-documented infidelities.King was stabbed with a letter-opener by a mentally unstable man.Though he was successfully healed (doctors famously told him he would have died had he sneezed), this incident inspired in Dr.

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