Martin Luther King Essay 2014 Florida

It stands (with the Voting Rights Act passed the following year) as the culminating achievement of the Civil Rights movement, itself now enshrined in conventional opinion as the latest and greatest of America’s great awakenings.

By that movement the nation was stirred at last to confront, in the matter of race, its most profound and chronic bedevilment.

“I have a dream,” King declared, in what became the most renowned speech by any American since the days of Lincoln, of a society in which all would be judged as to their rights and deserts “not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”[2] That understanding of civil rights, entailing equal liberty under law and equal access to civil and public institutions, irrespective of color, was codified in law with the passage of the Civil Rights Act the following year.

For King, however, the passage of the Civil Rights Act and then of the Voting Rights Act in 1965 marked the completion of only the first phase of the movement for full and equal rights.

It is instead commonly framed by the antinomy of culture versus structure, with “culture” denoting the complex of institutions, customs, opinions, and sentiments that operate to form (or deform) individuals’ moral characters, and “structure” denoting the political-economic institutions and policies within which individuals operate in their efforts to improve their material conditions.

The winner will be notified in December and invited to the Rev. The deadline to submit nominations and letter of support for the Service Award is due in early November. Reception, the MLK Breakfast and the MLK Youth Forum/Peace Walk.

Reception, the MLK Breakfast and the MLK Youth Forum/Peace Walk.

In Professor Allen’s account, King began by aspiring to refound America in a relatively modest, moderate sense—to complete the work of the original founders, or to redeem, as King said in his most famous speech, the “promissory note” the Founders signed but could not themselves make good.[1] That relatively moderate, ostensibly Lincolnian ambition to make good the original Founders’ principles was at once urgently necessary and noble in a very high degree.

Yet King ended with a desperate call for a much more radical refounding, a sharp departure from the original Founders’ principles.

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