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Not since the Civil War had Americans been so compelled to face the most abiding sin of their corporate history. It is not only in the recognized fever swamps of extremism that one encounters Americans who never listened to Dr. They believe that blacks are inherently inferior and constitute a population basically alien to this society.In their view, laws of racial segregation were neither irrational nor unjust.The editors compared the attention paid the King disclosures with the exposes that undid Gary Hart, John Tower, and others in recent years. At stake with Hart was his aspiration to be president, and the Tower question was whether he was qualified to be secretary of defense. King is whether he should be enshrined and celebrated as an exemplary figure in the telling of the American story.Moreover, the comparison does not hold because a doctoral thesis is not a private act.

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This book is an invaluable collection of several accounts of what King did and of the contemptible coverups and justifications that followed.

Powerfully reinforcing these reservations are the questions raised about Dr. That he was a philanderer, indulging himself in frequent adulterous relationships, now seems to be established beyond reasonable doubt.

This aspect of his character was apparently well known to some who worked closely with him, and has become quite public in recent years. King is being widely discussed, his doctoral thesis written at the School of Theology at Boston University. King’s doctoral thesis do not touch his claim to historical greatness. King was a scholar and theologian of note, this was generally recognized as hagiographical excess.

Yes, but a society needs something like public piety—common symbols, stories, and rites that evoke respect, even reverence (although never worship). It was not, as some claim, throwing a sop to black Americans; it was raising a sign for all Americans. He made clear that his dream was a dream of and for America, not against America. Most Americans listened to his thesis, and knew he was right.

Some of those who view history in the light of providential purpose did not hesitate to acclaim him as God’s instrument. King led this country to something like repentance and amendment of life, or at least to nobler resolve. King and the day set aside to honor his memory remain, as they say, controversial. We reject the claim that it is the only reason while readily acknowledging that one reason is racism.

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