Martha Graham Night Journey Essay Quadrilateral Problem Solving

She also showed concern for the Americans who worked hard were and not paid well for their hard work.

To demonstrate her concern for this, she composed a dance for the labor union and the way they handled the welfare of the workers.

Though the group was small, they worked tirelessly and never despaired because they felt they were doing what they loved so they knew that later on they would benefit.

At this time in America, many dancing styles were coming up, such as those which Martha introduced.

Martha is known for her many captivating performances and choreography which pleased and attracted an audience and above all made a lot of people love dancing.

She inspired many young dancers who had no hope of ever attaining their dreams of dancing from everywhere in America.

Due to her good performance, she toured with his teacher and her fellow dancers in a production of Xochiti, which they got from an Indian legend.

During the period which she danced for the company, Martha learnt a lot of dance styles such as; the Native American, experimental, and many others.

With her great determination, Martha impressed her teacher.

She was born in the suburbs of Pittsburg on May, 11, 1984.

She was the young common town girl who was known by many people as quiet, shy with a small body.

She also created a lot of lasting friendships, not only with her fellow dancers, but also with other influential dancers from other groups.

Having had an experience in dancing, Martha left this company to dance solo for two years with the Greenwich Village Follies. At first, she only included women in her company, but later on, she started including men.

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