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It’s certainly true that using a buy one, get one FREE offer is encouragement, however, if you only advertise using one communication channel and only for a brief period, for example a one week period, you will see a drop in consumer interest and purchases. If the target audience does not know you exist or is not reminded often about your product, then chances are they will not remember to use your services.The marketing communications plan consists of three important key objectives, .In the case of WFCU, they may approach the residents as the “new kid” in the neighborhood who cares about their community.

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There’s a lot more research that goes into the numbers and percentages for increasing brand awareness.

Staying in step with our previous example, let’s discuss how WFCU plans on defining a need for their financial products; how they plan on persuading Watsonville residents to switch from their current bank to the new credit union.

In the marketing communications strategy part of your Marcomm plan, you will outline the creative strategy for positioning your company, product, or service in the target audiences mind in order to convince them to use your product/service.

People make purchases based on what they will receive out of the purchase or service.

This is why it’s important to include the benefit the target receives in your marketing message.

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