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Brutus, leader of the conspiracy, gave a good address, but the Romans didn't react to it as much as they did for Antony's.

A battle erupted, and most of the conspirators committed suicide.

The crowd was confused and curious as to the reason for his death.

Brutus' justification was not based on a hatred of Caesar, but because he "loved Rome" (he would rather see Caesar dead than his own country).

The love story of Cleopatra and Mark Antony is tragic one.

He delivered a speech that convinced the Romans that the murder was unjust, invoking their rebellion.Mark Antony was Caesar's closest and most faithful friend, confidante, and follower.The two men had fought many campaigns together, and knew each other very well.Anthony’s first wife was not happy about this and then tried to attack Octavian. He tried to fix it by returning to Fulvia but the damage was done and then she died.So to try to win Octavian’s trust back, Antony married Octavia Minor, who was Octavian’s sister.Cleopatra was afraid to die in the attack, so she hid in her burial tombs, which lead to people that she was dead.Octavian was winning the war and Antony ended up killing himself because he thought Cleopatra did so as well.His speech was formal, controlled, and it seems that all of the sentences are perfectly balanced.Although he did a very good job at explaining to the confused crowd that murdering Caesar was for the good of Rome, he hadn't won them over completely.Soon after, they were in a relationship and then moved to Egypt and married.Since Antony married Cleopatra, this created union between Rome and Egypt.

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