Marijuana Research Paper Introduction Easy Environmental Science Essay Topics

Analyzing issues starts with understanding the historical context of marijuana usage. The first industrial use (in medicine) was many centuries ago in China (Caulkins et al. Nowadays, the biggest marijuana use is in the United States.

It is several times more than the average level in other economies (19).

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The issue of legalizing marijuana is not a new one.

Many people think there should not be any prohibitions on using marijuana as it is proven statistically that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana.

The approximate figure lies between 125 million and 225 million people during a year (Caulkins et al. But a lot of users do not want to admit their usage so that the numbers could be even higher.

Authors consider the change only in one state because Colorado had much liberal medical marijuana laws before the legalization.As more and more countries are concerning about regulating the turnover of marijuana, it’s essential to analyze the impacts on the societies and try to predict future outcomes.Although it seems risky, the governments have to regulate the market of cannabis and to reduce it’s all adverse effects on society.The risk to be addicted to drugs is 1 in 10 for those who ever tried marijuana and 1 in 6 for those who first use in young age (Hall and Weier).The dependence produces depression and careless way of life.So the market has to be transparent in showing the health risks of this drug.That’s another challenge because the Cannabis market may create an appealing advertisement for marijuana for adolescents. The sellers of Cannabis can protest that their auditory is only adults, but the teenagers can’t be isolated from such messages (Hall and Weier).Just place your order on our website, specify the due date, your teacher’s requirements, your own suggestions and your marijuana research paper will be done exactly in the way you specify. It will be plagiarism free and have well researched content. Marijuana legalization is one of the most important and discussed public concerns.All our writers have an appropriate academic qualification in their field. Different stakeholders have so many controversial points of view that it makes this issue even more complicated.School students need to know and understand the adverse effects of marijuana.So health educators have the challenge to show teens the danger of dependence and daily usage of this drugs in their young lives.

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