Marc Chagall Research Paper

This is part of the reason why Marc Chagall paintings are so popular; he manages to remain faithful to his style, while still providing us with a wide variety of options.

If there was ever a subjective matter, artwork is it.

Chagall Lithographs: The Moses of Eternal Style - Discusses some of Marc Chagall's most popular lithographs.

Chagall Paintings: Modern Art at its Best - Provides a look into March Chagall paintings including his artistic roots, eclectic style, and later years.

In a culture that was wary of graven images, it was a form of fanciful documentary.

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He would paint Hasidim taking snuff while they studied; animals that would wander into his garden; his granddad, a butcher; farmers taking their cattle to market.

Vitebsk, Chagall’s beloved home city, is now part of present-day Belarus.

Being Jewish meant his parents had to bribe officials in order for him to go to a nearby school, and later, once again, to study art in St. It was in that city where Chagall saw that year, which introduced motifs and elements of style that would persist throughout his career: a violin player; a strange use of perspective, with uniquely sized figures; wooden huts; a melancholy humor that can easily tip into bathos.

I have created this site to present my personal list of Marc Chagall paintings.

Certainly everyone will have different opinions about which of Chagall’s works are the best, but these are the images that I feel best represent his energy, focus, and all around joie de vivre.

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