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Things such as the guard dogs and the FBI talking to the families of the scientists bothered them greatly.

Also the scientists feared that Germany was ahead of them in creating the bomb.

So, Grooves most always ended up agreeing or letting Oppenheimer do what ever he wanted to do.

In April of 1943, this isolated area was being build in Las Alamos, New Mexico.

Robert Oppenheimer and General Leslie Groves were the two men put in charge of this mission.

These two men along with the top scientists from around the country were brought together to construct the most deadliest thing known to man.

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Many laboratories, storage buildings, shelters, hospitals, dining halls, and other buildings were found inside these borders, also.

There job was to create the atomic bomb and to do nothing else but that.

They were to refer to bomb as the gadget or devise for security reasons.

The project originated in the Pentagon in 1942 when General Groves was told, by the White House, he was to lead the Manhattan Project.

World War II had already been raged for three years when the Nazis, after being victorious in Europe, declared war on the United States.

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