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However an interviewer could potentially ask you for a SWOT analysis, and you should be prepared to apply it in that case.SWOT is effectively a quick, high-level market landscape/competitive dynamics analysis arranged using the following terminology: to other, related industries or sub-industries within the economy.Although these concepts will not be tested and do not form a major part of general Consulting Case Study interviews, these topics can appear in a general discussion about a particular business situation and you should be able to discuss them at least on a basic level.If you are applying for a job in Business Development, or for a Consulting position in a Corporate Finance group or at a firm that does a lot of Corporate Finance Consulting work, then you should definitely study up and be prepared for these core Finance and Accounting concepts, because they will likely be tested on in detail in your interviews.However, be aware of the “famous” frameworks in case they are mentioned in an interview setting, and don’t be shy about referencing them as you dive into the specifics of the Case Study you’re evaluating.Porter’s Five Forces has become an incredibly well known framework in the business strategy world. Porter’s Five Forces is a high-level framework that you can draw upon to perform a market landscape and competitor dynamics analysis.The “4 Ps” approach is to address a marketing-oriented Case situation by assessing the: SWOT analysis is more of a mini-framework, specifically for quickly evaluating a single company in an industry.In that regard, it’s far less complete than other frameworks, and can often miss important details.

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For example, high-tech firms that have adopted this framework tend to ask about technology-oriented cases, while hedge funds and private equity firms use Case Studies that are more investments-oriented.Therefore preparing for Case Studies—from becoming comfortable with the concept all the way up to being ready and confident for the Case, whatever it may be—is one of the most important things a prospective Consultant must do in the Consulting recruiting process.First, let’s ponder an important question: why do Management Consulting firms focus so much on Case Studies as part of the interview process?It can help determine whether a market or company is attractive, whether the client for whom the analysis is being performed is a private equity firm thinking about buying a company, or a major company thinking about entering or exiting a certain market segment.In most cases, a Case Study will address at least some of the components found in this framework.Before we look at individual Cases, it is important to begin by looking at analysis frameworks that commonly can be used to address Case Study questions.In this chapter, we will outline some of the core frameworks and some additional Consulting concepts that are important to grasp and will form part of many interviews.In addition to introductory Finance and Accounting textbooks, we highly recommend that these candidates read the Street of Walls Investment Banking Technical Training guide, which addresses complex details around Financial Statements, Accounting and Valuation at a very detailed level.Case Studies are the critical part of the consulting interview process—the “heart and soul,” if you will. They can be so challenging, in fact, that they scare many people who might otherwise be interested in Management Consulting into simply not applying.For example, a Company bringing a new product to market would require a market size analysis, competitor analysis, as well as understanding the key customer segments.The more you practice, the easier the cases will become and the more articulate and structured you’ll be in your answers.

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