Man Search For Meaning Essay Questions

Since logotherapy is simply a type of therapy that focuses on humanity’s “will to meaning”, it can be integrated into all sorts of modern psychological treatments and interventions.

In fact, Viktor Frankl himself “viewed logotherapy as an open system, a collaborative approach that could be combined with other psychotherapy orientations” (Ameli & Dattalio, 2013).

Attitude modification focuses on modifying one’s attitude, as opposed to modifying one’s thoughts or behaviors.

For example, a client who is grieving a recent loss might be encouraged to adopt a new attitude towards the loss in order to process their situation better.

Logotherapy partially grew out of Frankl’s frustrations with these other schools of thought.

Specifically, Frankl felt that psychoanalysis was too reductionist, in that it “abandoned genuine and spontaneous human encounter for methodological reasons” (Langle & Sykes, 2006).

Logotherapy is defined by the idea that humans are motivated by a “will to meaning” as opposed to the “will to pleasure” and “will to power” highlighted by Freud and Adler, respectively (Ameli & Dattilio, 2013).

All three of these techniques underscore logotherapy’s focus on meaning by helping clients identify what actually gives their lives meaning, and what they should focus on in turn.

Like the other schools of Viennese Psychotherapy, logotherapy is decades-old, which means it is important to evaluate its modern-day relevance.

Some of these techniques include paradoxical intention, dereflection, and attitude modification (Ameli & Dattilio, 2013).

Paradoxical intention is a technique similar to exposure therapy where a client uses humor to get over their greatest fear.

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