Make Essay Health Wealth A Week In Bed Due To Injury Essay

It used to be that health care outcomes relied on a higher volume of prescriptions or procedures, but now health care systems are increasingly being paid more to deliver better health outcomes.

Because health outcomes are so dependent upon the social determinants of health, hospitals and clinics are naturally looking for ways to prevent disease by tackling "upstream" health risks like poverty rather than of waiting for their "downstream" health consequences to materialize.

So when I sat down in the clinic room a few days after her son went home from the hospital and asked her the same question I ask to open every visit, "How can I help you today?

", she asked me if I could help her find work and handed me her business card.

This has led to a host of clinical programs designed to identify actionable consequences of poverty and financial insecurity, like not being able to afford healthy food or a safe place to stay, and then connect patients to resources that can address these so called "social needs".

So, not only do I think constantly about how finances might be contributing to health outcomes, I also consider whether the costs of medical care itself might undermine the financial well-being of my patients' families. I was in my primary care clinic seeing a newborn infant who had recently been discharged from the hospital.Taking that approach one step further we and other financial capability organizations and health systems have begun partnering to integrate financial capability services into pediatric clinics and incorporate health care delivery more broadly through medical-financial partnerships.Other areas that show substantial promise for deploying financial services to address health and financial well-being focus on relieving the economic burden of costly health care services, such as programs to help cancer patients navigate their health care costs and avoid bankruptcy.The answer depends to a large extent on the local health and financial needs of each community.Just as certain communities face higher rates of obesity or lung disease, the unique challenges to financial security communities face how those financial issues relate to health services and outcomes should drive solutions, ideally with input from community members themselves.Editor’s Note: For the second post in our blog series, we wanted to highlight someone who was working directly across sectors to address the health and wealth connection.We turned to the brilliant Adam Schickedanz, MD with a series of questions to help us understand not only the connection between these determinants of health, but how it manifest in his work, where the medical field connects and advances this work, and how he got connected to this work. Often, financial hardships lead directly to medical emergencies, like an infant having seizures after the parents diluted bottles of formula too much in the hope they could make their last can of formula powder stretch to the end of the month.That is why the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children should be screened for financial hardship at all child clinic visits and, when appropriate, referred to programs like these to reduce financial strain.The benefits of these public programs and Comprehensive financial empowerment and coaching programs that address multiple aspects of financial well-being in families with young children leverage many of these public programs at once in the context of wraparound financial services (i.e.So, some clinics and hospitals are beginning to explore better ways to foster the financial well-being of their patients and communities.Additionally, nonprofit hospitals, which have a legal obligation to invest in community services and programs that promote health, have in some cases made large investments in creating affordable housing units.

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