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Gardner Policy Institute or presenting a research project, please visit: Additional opportunities are available through the Community Foundation of Utah, Utah City Management Association (UCMA), and Utah Nonprofits Association.

Please contact the MPA Program Manager for additional information.

Advisor: Gordana Yovanovich, LACS/Latin American Literature and Culture Abstract: This study is based on two contemporary novels written by Latin American women writers: The House of the Spirits (1982) by Isabel Allende and The Inhabited Women (1988) by Gioconda Belli.

The purpose of my study is to discuss the ways in which the female characters respond to the social and political imperatives that history imposes on them, as they also question traditional structures and move a step forward towards their personal liberation.

Examples of Master’s theses by graduate students in the Latin American and Caribbean Studies program can be found below. “La relación económica sino-chilena desde el año 1970 hasta el año 2015.” 2016.

Advisor: Pascal Lupien, LACS/Political Science Scully, Jerome Aaron.

If your MRP involves humans in some way or another, and you want to publish the paper, you must first submit paperwork to the IRB for approval.

The IRB process can be timely so please take this into account if you are working with humans in your study.

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Usually, your MRP can take the place of one component of your coursework, however substitutions vary by professor.The MPA Program staff is also available to help with choosing a supervisor.The Institutional Review Board has been established to protect study participants.Completion of the Research Design course is required before beginning your MRP.Major Research Paper research may include the following types of literature: empirical, normative, historical, legal, ethical, social-scientific, interpretive, phenomenological, critical, etc.Students should consult a writing style manual (preferably APA) to ensure proper and thorough citation of research sources.Students will include several references in their papers, citing primarily scholarly work as well as media reports, agency data, etc.Good overview of IRB for first-time submitters All of the libraries at the University of Utah offer great classes to help you along the research process.Consult the following websites for more information: Marriott Library Research Tools: Peter Kraus, the Political Science Librarian is also a tremendous research resource.There is no set time to begin your MRP, but students should find a balance of waiting until a few courses are completed so they have more insight into public and nonprofit administration with not waiting until the last minute.Students must also respect adviser timetables, and work with their adviser to establish a realistic timetable for both.

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