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His experiences as a monk and a priest were fulfilling to his Catholic enlightenment.

Reynolds, a professor of political science at Brigham Young University who specializes in a computer technique for determining authorship based on identification of idiosyncratic patterns of word usage.

His 95 theses were the foundation of the Protestant Reformation, while Machiavelli used his skills as a writer, with The Prince, and other works, to bring to light the issues of politics.

Known as the father of modern day politics, Machiavelli took his ideas public and changed government, as we know it.

In one of the most bruising clashes to appear in an academic journal (in this case, Political Theory, in the early 1970's) Professor Mansfield, a Straussian political scientist, said that traditionalists who could not accept Strauss's notion that Machiavelli was the "harbinger of modernity" were unfairly giving Strauss "the silent treatment."Professor Pocock, a leading specialists in Hobbes, responded by asserting that the Straussians were becoming paranoid, stooping to such tactics as filling departmental vacancies only with true believers and refusing to attend classes taught by non-Straussians.

Amid some less-than-lighthearted talk of "plunging bayonets" into each other, Professor Mansfield counterattacked by denouncing Professor Pocock for "misrepresentations, insults and name calling."In 1972, Professor Saxonhouse, a Straussian, was an untenured assistant professor at the University of Michigan when she wandered into the crossfire.

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