Macbeth Turning Point Essay

A new feature of the new Macbeth is also hypocrisy: .Another trait acquired by Macbeth, again from Lady Macbeth is the power of manipulation.Macbeth’s character is expressed in a way that relates to the audience.His moral transformation from valiant to vile, his moral hesitation and his torturing conscience are all elements that condemn Macbeth but at the same time evoke the audience’s sympathy.Macbeth appeals to the murders’ desire for revenge and mocks their patience for tolerating such injustice rendered to them by Banquo.Macbeth has also become cold and calculating in nature, even human life does not seem to posses any value to him.His intimacy with himself proves to him that his only motive for this murder is his bare ambition to be king: shows the struggle in him to carry out the act, it goes against his nature.

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Macbeth is even jealous of Duncan who is dead that he is resting in peace and him who is unable to even sleep is living in torment torn by guilt and paranoia.

The first part of their prophecy came true, maybe the crown will be his after all.

He is blinded by their equivocation and by his vaulting ambition: .

Macbeth is merely mentioned by the witches at the start of the play. A title is not a trifle for a reward, which proves that Macbeth is a sublime character loved by all.

However not everyone is perfect, even Macbeth has some deep forgotten desire that will eventually come to surface through catalysts in the plot, and will led him to his pitiful demise.

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