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Set daily goals and move towards them at a steady pace, controlled by the fun interface with a classic "pomodoro" timer.

If Google's Translate kind of bums you out with its inaccuracy, try Mate (Instant Translate).

If know yourself to be easily distracted, this app is your jam.

It's created for the ultimate work-break balance, which is essential if you want to stay sane through the semester.

When you have the right tools, it's so much easier to score those A's.

Get published, get a Nobel prize in math, get a favorable comment from your supervisor (in that order).

Whenever your relationship with a textbook gets complicated, the app is there to save the day.

And with PDFpen, you also get the freedom to tweak your docs in any way imaginable – from editing text to merging multiple PDFs into one test prep package.This app is favored by writers and bloggers, it's distraction-free and highly reliable.It allows you to focus on writing, quickly export finished work as a PDF or an ebook, and enjoy the process way more than with the usual doc-like services.It allows to effortlessly extract and share text directly in the camera view, search for or edit your document.Prizmo has editing tools to correct warping, skewness and other distortions.Prizmo is the best for scanning and performing OCR (Optical Character Recognition ) in 23 languages, has powerful editing capability, text-to-speech, i Cloud support, and translation into 59 languages.You can convert printed documents, photocopies of text documents, text on the images, scanned documents, and screenshots – whatever you want – into digital text.It's way more powerful and can correctly translate phrases and sentences with its new feature "Phrasebook." It even has speech translation if you're in a hurry and typing seems tedious.104 languages, a history of translations, and an easy access from the menu bar.When you take on the next project, it all starts with notes.You probably have a pack of subject-related notes stashed somewhere on your Mac and it's a pain to find the ones you need when you need them.

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